Proposal Development

Key to any successful application for funding opportunities through public or private sources is the submission of a proposal package that accurately reflects the vision, capabilities and resources of the applicant, and the ability of the applicant to successfully complete the intended project. TE&B project consultants will work with your project team to submit a bid that identifies the strengths of your organization and the feasibility of the plan, and which provides a positive cost-benefit ratio of performance for the funding organization.

Performance Monitoring Plan (PMP) Consultancy

Often required for delivery of publicly-funded projects, PMPs can be a complicated contractual requirement. Based on the parameters of the contract, TE&B project consultants will advise your project team on the production of an effective document that meets the reporting needs of the funding agency.

Budget Development

For any project proposal, the submission of a budget that balances the fiscal needs of the project with the financial requirements of your company is a core element in the pursuit of a project. TE&B project consultants will guide you in the development of a budget that meets the contingencies of the project and provides a secure source of overhead recovery and revenue for your organization.

Compliance Monitoring for US Federal and EU Contracts, Grants and Cooperative Agreements

Once a publicly-funded project has been awarded, strict reporting requirements are a mandatory part of contractual obligations. TE&B project consultants, who have received training from certified project management institutes, will monitor your organization’s compliance with the reporting regulations of the funding agency, ensuring that all forms, reports and documentation are successfully compiled and logged